Start earning Tezos rewards
by staking them with Bakery-IL

Welcome to Bakery-IL, a reliable service for delegation Tezos. Our goal is to make your Tezos coins work for you as simply and safely as possible.

Staking: 2667k. Available: -5k

Our commitments

Fee will never change

Our service fee is only 5% and it will never change. Payout every cycle.

We respect privacy

No registration required. Also we don't collect anything about our clients.

Rewards distribution

Baking and Extra rewards distributed at the beginning of every cycle.

Follow best practices

We use a payment scheme well-tried by most bakers. Check us on independent services.

How to delegate

See how to delegate Tezos to Bakery-IL using various wallets applications.

Frequently asked question


Bakery-IL will transfer your earned rewards every cycle (one cycle = three days) to your address. The Tezos protocol is designed in a way that the baker uses the ratio of seven cycles back to get baking rights, another 5 cycles for the first rewards to be unfrozen.

The reward structure of Bakery-IL is dynamic, that means that all delegators receive their rewards (minus fees) based on the current actual annual ROI of the protocol instead of a static reward.

Your rewards depend on your total stake that is delegated to Bakery-IL. Your total stake will be used to determine your ratio. Your stake is recalculated every cycle and uses by design of the Tezos protocol a snapshot in the cycle to calculate your ratio for the current cycle.

Since you are delegating your Tezzies, they never leave your wallet, you are just assigning the rights to Bake & Endorse. Not to spend.

We believe in decentralization so the more nodes/bakers the better is, not everybody have the interest in creating their own node, then we are ready to provide this service for you. As a delegate, we propose to share our total profits. A larger number of rolls allows for greater effect in baking. We provide the delegation service, as many people want a simple and professional solution to the issue.

Tezos, a platform that allows for smart contracts and dapps to be built on top of it but is continuously being developed by its community to iron out any flaws. It is the world’s first self-amending cryptocurrency and blockchain platform.

Our other services

Upcoming Networks & Running Testnets. These are the projects in which we are validators.

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